Cold Mountain Siberians has again passed our American Kennel Club inspection with flying colors!

We take the cleanliness and quality of our kennel very seriously and are proud to be so well respected by the American Kennel Club and to have received a 100% on our inspection!

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The craze from "Togo" is finally starting to die down here at Cold Mountain. I want to apologize if we were not able to respond to all of your messages on the website contact, Facebook or Instagram. It is only me and my father, Tom handling all of the inquiries. If you have a serious inquiry about purchasing a dog, are able to physically come pick up your puppy and feel as though you would be a good fit to own a Siberian then please reach out again. We do have puppies available and will again in the future. Everyone at Cold Mountain Siberians want to personally thank all of you for your comments, testimonials, support and praise. Tom does love each and every dog he owns and breeds and sincerely cares about their health, happiness and future. This is why the qualifications and process of owning a dog are so personal and important. Again thank you to everyone for loving this breed as much as we do!

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With Disney+’s new movie “Togo” now streaming we have received an increased number of calls and messages inquiring about our Seppala Siberians. "Togo" is an amazing movie and shows the true nature of this beautiful breed. I am happy and proud that the Seppala Siberian is becoming a well known strain of Husky. However, owning a Seppala Siberian is much more than a movie. There is a lot of commitment that goes into being a responsible dog owner. We at Cold Mountain Siberians pride ourselves in our quality dogs. They are not just dogs to us, they are family. I want to encourage anyone who is truly interested in owning a Seppala to do your research before contacting us regarding a purchase. These dogs are beautiful, with amazing personality’s and great hearts. But they are also extremely active, require a great deal of room, and require loving attention for their entire lives, as any dog does. That being said, I am more than happy to discuss our dogs, the breed and pricing to qualified owners who have the right intent on bringing one of our family members into their own family. Visit the information section of our website for some more information on our dogs and this incredible breed.

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