"The Royal House" Whelping room is now fully complete!

Our brand new state of the art Whelping room offers two enclosed whelping boxes for Cold Mountain's expecting mothers to peacefully and safety give birth to new litters. Each whelping box is equipped with optimal temperature and humidity control and a small door leading to their own outdoor play area. The Royal House is the perfect place for customers to personally get to know their newly chosen puppy and its mother. Customers are also afforded the opportunity to view their puppy via CCTV over the internet 24 hours a day. This will allow you to experience your new family member's growth while still under the care of its mother at Cold Mountain.


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Cold Mountain Siberians has again passed our American Kennel Club inspection with flying colors! We take the cleanliness and quality of our kennel very seriously and are proud to be so well respected

Thank you

The craze from "Togo" is finally starting to die down here at Cold Mountain. I want to apologize if we were not able to respond to all of your messages on the website contact, Facebook or Instagram. I

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